Is Federalism Necessary?

Should whether I need a photo ID to vote, or how much that vote will count, really depend on the personal caprice of what state I happen to live in? The presidency of Donald Trump has stimulated new interest on the part of liberals in the concept of federalism, which has long been a favorite … Continue reading Is Federalism Necessary?

The Electoral College Strikes Back

[Readers please note: this re-post contains technical corrections to the description of the outcome of the election.] Of the many painful realities that have begun to sink in after last week's national election, one of the most painful is the fact that, despite reduced voter turnout for both of the major parties, more American voters cast their … Continue reading The Electoral College Strikes Back

Strange Tales of the Electoral College

The Electoral College is one of those historical oddities whose persistence in our national life is in part owed to the infrequency with which we’re obliged to think about it at all, like the America’s Cup, or Newt Gingrich. Every four years we hear about the 270 “electoral votes” needed to secure the presidency, and … Continue reading Strange Tales of the Electoral College