On Being Modified

Like many who fancy themselves writers, I’m extremely wordy. Specifically, I’m a wanton aficionado of what English teachers of old taught us to call “modifiers” — that is, adverbs and adjectives. You’ll note that just those first two sentences contain three adjectives and an adverb, which is a really low modifier-per-sentence ratio by my standards, … Continue reading On Being Modified

Coda: The Last Buffet

Originally posted in March of 2020, this seemed a good coda for a very bad year, and a reminder of what to take into the next one. Onward. Our grandsons and their parents were visiting us in Florida this last week, and on Sunday we took them to the bi-weekly seafood buffet at the local … Continue reading Coda: The Last Buffet

The Grace of Covid Capitalism

It’s been a uniquely cruel year. Fires, hurricanes, police brutality, vicious disinformation, a concerted attempt by those in power to overturn a national election, and looming over it all, a global pandemic, killing almost two million, hospitalizing millions more, striking great cities silent, shrinking most forms of human interaction into little boxes on a screen. … Continue reading The Grace of Covid Capitalism

Last Act for the Hack Circus

Let‘s see now. The incontrovertible results of the 2020 presidential election have been met by the Orange Incumbent and his slavish adherents with (a) refusal of the O.I. to concede; (b) loud, repeated, but unsubstantiated claims of fraud at the ballot box; (c) lawsuits in state and federal courts to prevent the completion of vote … Continue reading Last Act for the Hack Circus

A Requiem for Duty

When Mitch McConnell recently proclaimed that Donald Trump has every right to question the outcome of the presidential election in court, I tried to react like the lawyer I am. McConnell was of course correct; any fool can file almost any claim whatsoever, no matter how flimsily grounded, in some court or another, and there’s … Continue reading A Requiem for Duty

Is This Any Way to Elect a President?

As Trump persists in his claims of fraud, pursues his lawsuits in states where he narrowly lost, and solicits Republican-dominated state legislatures to subvert the election, we’re forced to ask ourselves again the question that should haunt Republicans and Democrats alike: is this any way to elect a president? Trump’s guerilla war on the will … Continue reading Is This Any Way to Elect a President?

It’s Not Over Yet: Trump’s Endgame Gambits

With the presidential election called for Joe Biden, a wave of relief, even jubilation, is sweeping over the seventy-five million or so Americans who voted to remove Donald Trump from office. But Trump will no doubt persist in his claims of fraud, and his functionaries have launched a host of lawsuits to challenge vote counts … Continue reading It’s Not Over Yet: Trump’s Endgame Gambits

The Day After: What We Know

With the presidential election still very much in the balance, the Orange Incumbent predictably claiming fraud, and a potentially protracted legal road to an outcome ahead of us, what can we say we know on this first day after Election Day, 2020? First and foremost, the massive repudiation of Trump and Trumpism that some expected … Continue reading The Day After: What We Know

Not Voting Is Not An Option

This post first appeared four years ago today. Sickeningly prophetic, needing only the substitution one Democratic candidate's name for another, its plea is even more urgent now.    As this supremely tawdry election season grinds to its conclusion, I remain gripped by the fear that Donald Trump could win this thing. Not because there is … Continue reading Not Voting Is Not An Option

My Dream Candidacy

This post originally appeared in March, 2019, and holds up rather well.  But please, do NOT waste your vote by writing me in. And do VOTE! Last night I dreamed I was running for President of the United States. I know, I know — to many of you this sounds like a nightmare, but for … Continue reading My Dream Candidacy